Understanding The Factor Behind Hair Fall And The Tricks To Prevent Them In 2023

Hair Loss

Hair fall and damaged hairs is not a very uncommon problem for any nation or location. Stats says that around 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. The poor diet, unhealthy chemicals, and environmental factors make the situation so worse that most of them turn bald in the next few years.

The lack of awareness and proper supplements further adds to the problem. This post will shed some more light on the factors and introduce you to a natural supplement to prevent hair loss problems-Folisin. So, if you love your healthy, shiny hairs and want to protect them, read on.

What Are The Common Causes of Hair Loss?

The first thing to ensure your long and shiny hair’s health is to know the factors and habits that can affect them. Knowing them can help you eliminate them for the very beginning stage when the effect is rarely visible. So, here’s a small list of factors to consider.

Blood Pressure

Like the other organ and part, the human hairs need a rich flow of oxygenated blood to stay healthy. There are few studies to establish a direct connection, but the research says that the blood works as a carrier of nutrients for the hair follicles. It is also an essential element for the scalp and keeps it young, healthy, and elastic. The scalp’s health, in turn, offers a strong hold and prevents the breaking of hairs.

Low blood pressure can cut off the blood supply and reduce it, eventually increasing the hair fall. Therefore, try to regulate your blood pressure and not by drugs, but by taking precautions and maintaining a proper diet. You can also consult your doctor regarding the medication you take. Taking care of your heart is also important as it affects the blood flow.

Folisin – Hair Loss


Stress and tension are not that common in the teenager, but as you grow, they increase, and so does it affect. Sometimes these things increase to a stage that the body starts to feel weak, and its healing factors slow. This affects the scalp health, blood flow, and also changes the hormonal balance of the body. In some cases, the body also starts to pump chemicals and push hair follicles to the rest phase. As a result, your hair stats or thin and wash away. You will notice them everywhere, right from your pillow cover to the shower combs.

Excessive Styling

Styling hairs are not that uncommon these days. Men prefer and use many different styles over time and depending upon the situation. Even in day to day, they use several products, including sprays, gels, wax, and many more, to style their hairs. Each of these products contains chemicals that add the hold or the shine you require. In the long term, they start to damage the hair strands and also affect the scalp’s health. If you don’t take precautions, they may even affect hair follicles and prevent growth. As a result, you get hair fall.

Pollution And Heat

The hair may be part of the body, but they don’t have a defense system like the other parts. Any free radicals or chemicals that you leave on them will remain there and degrade them over time. So, unless you use a natural supplement to prevent hair loss to balance the added pollutants, they will get damaged. The same theory holds for excessive heat. Direct sunlight, radiation, and even the common hair dryers will contribute to hair fall.

Hair Growth

Common ways to reduce hair loss

From the hair fall factors that you read above, it’s clear that the main contributor to hair fall is the lack of care and nutrients. Of course, there a4re other factors like genetics and diseases, but they are slightly rare. Moreover, they will need special attention from a doctor and a keen case study.

So, let’s focus on the factor that you can control. The following are some tricks to prevent hair fall on a personal level.

  • Avoid using comb when hairs are wet. The wetness makes them tender and much easier to break.
  • If possible, try using cold blow or natural drying rather than heat styling. If you can’t, just use some water or moisturizing agent to prevent dryness.
  • Consider using natural products over chemical formulas for styling. You should also wash hair regularly to avoid excessive product deposits.
  • Oil your hair and massage them regularly. It stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow, which helps to prevent hair fall. Softly combing them regularly is also an excellent idea.
  • Cut your hair after every few weeks. It helps to prevent issues like split ends and also removes a lot of damaged hair.
  • Use natural supplements to prevent hair loss and adding nutrients. Something that can nurture the scalp and hair follicles will be a brilliant idea.
  • Use shade and cover your hair when in high pollution or light areas.


What is Folisin?

The most important part of the hairs is their follicles. It’s the part from where the hair fibers start to grow. You can say it’s the root of the hair. They are essential to ensure cellular growth, tissue invasion, and collecting nutrients for the hairs.

Folisin is a dietary supplement that you can use to stimulate these follicles. The formula comes with rich ingredients like palm extract, pumpkin seed extract, and many more that promoted hair health and enhanced their strength. It can ensure a longer life of hairs, less breaking, and boost follicles for faster fiber generation. Its regular use can easily slow the hair fall and enhance hair density. Its long-term use will ensure you to get youthful shiny, and fluffy hair for much longer.

Final words

While there are factors in hair fall that you cannot control, the nutrients you provide are all on you. And, using Folisin for men on hair loss treatment is one way to ensure you offer all the nutrients. So, combine the above-mentioned hair fall prevention tricks with the Folisin to preserve or get back your natural and youthful appeals.

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